Mobile app solution for all-round patient care and hospital management

Summary – Today, patient engagement is considered one of the top 3 priorities of 81% of Health System CEOs. This speaks volumes about the level of importance healthcare industry gives to enhanced patient-physician engagement aided by technological innovation. The industry is fast recognizing the value provided by technology in building better physician-patient relationship. With the massive influx of smartphone usage, developing a mobile app was a logical next step.

Our healthcare client too needed a mobile app built and released, in order to better communicate with patients and help staff physicians with necessary knowledge resources to perform well. The project provided the challenge of integrating multiple touch points seamlessly within an app.
Our solution was designed to be integrated with external wearables and medical devices. This deep level of integration helped the hospital drive real time data access and initiate meaningful collaboration between doctor and patient.

Challenge – The client needed a device independent mobile presence that provided all information, history and data related to a particular patient. This would help doctors to be proactive in prognosis and appropriate treatment before the condition reached alarming levels.
Secondly it needed a centralized knowledge hub for doctors to cross collaborate to avail of best quality healthcare and offer better value in servicing.
A third requirement was to effectively manage the inventory analysis of the hospital’s medicine stock. This way hospital administration would stay on top of the inventory system within the hospital. They can also save costs arising from just in time lean approach employed by them in stocking prescription drugs and hospital supplies.

Solution – Pursuit Vision combined hybrid app technology featuring HTML5 and CSS3. The app was divided into 3 parts – patient, physician and administrator, each with its own unique set of functionalities, yet common underlying UI/UX experience. Using a single iteration of hybrid app development technology, we ensured that the app rendered uniformly irrespective of the mobile platform and irrespective of the device screen size.
This solution facilitated authorized and credential based interface access so that every aspect was well covered within the hospital app.


  • The client mobile app was developed in quicker time and lower costs because of the single round of programming efforts.
  • The following are some of the key benefits that helped in overall physician-patient engagement –
  • Appointment booking for patients and verifying free slots for doctors
  • Schedule post-discharge follow ups
  • Case history accessible at the tap of a button anytime, anywhere
  • Integration with wearables to relay patient health data in real time, thus facilitating -
    • Proactive diagnosis and medication recommendation by doctors
    • Save patient’s time in going to hospital and avoid worsening of condition in case of emergencies
  • List of specialists and their respective programs at hospital
  • Support services such as parking, hospital food, local accommodations
  • Doctors can now have access to an exhaustive knowledge repository that can help them in their prognosis and procedures. This in turn, helps doctors drive a high degree of patient care facilitated by modern technology.
  • Hospital administrators can get accurate indication of drug inventory and save costs by avoiding over stocking.

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