Mobile app solution helps e-retailers
Sell anytime, anywhere

Summary – The e-commerce segment faces unprecedented disruptions like never before. The industry is making massive inroads in capturing a loyal audience base in B2C shopping. Add to this the tremendous influence of mobile in our everyday lives, and we have a new disruptor in form of the smartphone. For e-commerce sites who want to enhance their customer base substantially and ward off competition, going mobile is the way to go.

As per Adyen Global, 26% of all web based transactions are done using mobile devices and a good amount of this is directed at B2C e-commerce. Pursuit Vision’s client needed to tap into this growing segment and compete effectively with big ticket e-retailers and physical store retailers. In order to increase mass appeal and prevent shopping cart abandonment, we helped develop a mobile app to help e-retailers sell better and gain loyalty.

Challenge – The client needed a device independent mobile presence that addressed some key engagement challenges such as –

  • Intelligent and enriching product loading based on past history or purchase behavior. This brings about a deeper sense of customization that is bound to attract better web traffic and higher conversions
  • Prevent premature checkout without processing payment. Also the app will analyze the critical points where traffic drops off and hence provide insight to ecommerce owner of what is working and what needs to be improved
  • Safe payment gateway to inculcate a sense of security and trustworthiness of the ecommerce site
  • Constant uptime even in load spikes. This ensures that technology doesn’t become a hindrance in delivering value at all time to its customers
  • Accurate inventory management to prevent over-stocking of goods and allow faster supply cycle of popular goods in various product categories.

Solution – Pursuit Vision executed cross-channel and multi-platform capabilities within the app. The app propagates 24 x 7 visibility even when the user is not online. Our delivery was geared towards enabling excellent degree of customer engagement with a clean and intuitive layout, and secure features for a holistic retail experience for the users. The development aspect took care of compressing file, effective use of cache, using lesser images and maintained optimal page length. This quickened app navigation and ensured a remarkable mobile experience delivery.

  • The app provides a complete client brand experience that is always accessible on a click, once it is downloaded. Such continuous visibility acts as a tremendous marketing boost.
  • The app also conforms to ecommerce purchase behavior and promotes a high degree of repeat business and builds customer loyalty.
  • The app tracks most recent purchase and viewing history. This helps the client to provide intelligent suggestions of similar products based on customer buying habits and preferences carried out in the past.
  • Linear scrolling, clean interface and image optimization help increase app speed, thus facilitating an improved usage experience. This gives a further thrust to encouraging web traffic to your site before your competition.
  • With contextually relevant products and mobile-optimized information available to users, it enhances customer loyalty and increases repeat business. Such deep level of personalization also inculcates a smarter degree of customer servicing and ensures the customer keeps your site top of mind for his/ her next shopping stint.

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