Get the best of both worlds with a Hybrid app

Getting to work with the right development approach before beginning actual development work is essential to ensure app development success with both, client as well as end users. In this stage of information gathering and needs analysis, if the client confirms that the app will need to work across a huge array of smart devices and across different mobile ecosystems, then a hybrid app is a clever choice for a forward thinking development company such as Pursuit Vision

This line of thinking is further corroborated by reports1 globally which confirm that Hybrid app development is now the preferred choice of technique. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the fascinating world of hybrid app development and emerge enlightened.


What is a hybrid app?


Mobile apps can be segregated into three key types –

  1. Native apps – They use the resources of the mobile device and provide a better app usage experience with minimum overheads. They can only run on their own operating systems. So an iOS native app can run only on Apple devices
  2. Web apps – They ensure porting of mobile devices but cannot make use of the phone’s features (e.g. contacts, accelerometer, camera etc.)
  3. Hybrid app – Enter hybrid app, an interesting blend of web and native app that allows cross-platform functionality through programming tools such as PhoneGap, intelxdk. It also allows accessing the phone’s functionality to provide a richer mobile UI/UX experience.


Why Hybrid app?


Exploring the benefits of hybrid app from two totally different perspectives will help ensure that it is adopted much more frequently by clients.


Benefits from a client’s perspective


  1. Faster time to market – When you don’t have to spend separate time on iOS app and then on Android app, you can release your app much faster on all major app stores. You don’t have to first release on one platform and then wait for development work to finish on another platform.
  2. Broader coverage – The main advantage of a hybrid app is its reach across different mobile app systems. You can leverage this benefit to gain penetration across iOS, Android, Windows and others, all at the same time.
  3. Development costs – You can slash your app development costs to a fraction because of a single round of app development work. Simply hire a development company offering capabilities in HMTL5, CSS3 and JavaScript, such as Pursuit Vision, and your mobile app development project will be in safe hands.
  4. Marketing boon – Target specific marketing can now be acquired easily by spreading your brand’s reach and coverage across multiple major app platforms. Your marketing team’s efforts can be automated with hybrid app development
  5. User experience – With greater utilization of phone’s in-built features like camera and accelerometer, hybrid apps is sure to provide a much better user experience once it is downloaded from app store by the user.
  6. Device independence – With a blend of Responsive Web Design and hybrid app you can now easily target multiple app user segments simultaneously, irrespective of form factors or screen size of the users’ devices.



Benefits from a developer’s perspective


  1. Single codebase – This is perhaps the biggest benefit a developer can gain from. With a single codebase using popular platforms such as PhoneGap, you can now develop apps for multiple mobile ecosystems, at one go.
  2. Better user experience – By accessing the phone’s features such as camera and accelerometer, you can create a much better UI/UX experience that never fails to impress users.
  3. Extension of web technologies – Since this app development is based on HTML5/CSS3, you can use your existing web development skills to develop amazing apps.
  4. Device independent – Using Responsive Web Design, you can create a hybrid app that can work uniformly in all types of devices irrespective of form factors or screen size.


If you are interested to get a hybrid app developed for your business, then connect with us at Pursuit Vision. Your enterprise app stands to gain immensely from hybrid app development using PhoneGap. The advantages become more pronounced when you gain compatibility with upcoming version changes and updates and thus be ready for the future.