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Paul Alford

We have worked with Pursuit Vision for over 18 months now, on a variety of projects, ranging from simple PHP scripts tocomplex back-end database integration. PV are the sole supplier for all our MySQL and PHP development work and have been solid development partners for several very large and complex projects we’ve delivered to our customers.

Beyond their technical skills, the key driver for using PV is the availability of their team to fit in to our workday.

We are an English company with a head office based in Germany.  The majority of our clients are located in the UK or West Coast USA. Initially we had some concerns about the time zone differences, but these were proven to be unfounded.  PV’s team is available throughout – they could be sitting in the office next door!  It certainly doesn’t feel like outsourcing.

PV has a reasonable pricing structure too which has allowed us to lower our development costs, which in turn have been directed to other areas of the business.

If you are looking for a strong team for PHP, MySQL, Wordpress and JavaScript, then I don’t think you could find a better company to deliver the solution.

Paul Alford
Technical Director