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David Koutek

We started Pursuit Vision off with a small task. However, because of their reliability, (working the days and the number of hours on projects as agreed upon) we continued to provide them with additional work. 

It's now going on 3 years, working on multiple assignments. I feel like they are part of our team, working side by side with our programmers. I would personally recommend them for several reasons;

First, their work ethics which includes many things including a respectable day work for a reasonable price. A second Reason is because of their willingness to stick to a problem and find a solution. Another thing I really appreciate is that they take pride in their work; they are not always trying to take shortcuts just to get the job done. That's something you don't see in too many organizations anymore.

Although, we are doing our best to keep their best programmers too busy to take other work assignments.

David Koutek
Sanford, FL, United States